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Havis launches computer docking and mounting solutions

Havis Inc., an ISO 9001:2008-certified American Manufacturer, has announced its full line of unique equipment mounting, computer docking stations, cradles and peripheral accessories to increase the productivity of forklift, pallet jack and mobile cart operators while maximizing worker comfort and safety.

Havis’ material handling docking and mounting solutions are designed to provide secure connections to devices and peripherals, including tablets, keyboards, power and barcode scanners, to allow work from anywhere in a warehouse, eliminating the need to return to a central location for computing access. The new line of material handling mounting solutions includes: Havis Mounting for Forklift Applications; Havis Patent-Pending Mounting for Pallet Jacks; Havis Mounting for Cart Applications; and Havis Screen Blanking solutions to combat distractions while mobile.

Havis Forklift Overhead Mount Base for Computers is positioned securely over the top forklift frame for maximum visibility and access. The patent-pending Havis Pallet Jack Mount allows workers to securely set telescoping height and easily rotate devices to a comfortable position. Havis Mounts for Cart Applications provide ergonomically designed products that integrate laptops or tablets into unconventional workspaces to reduce back, wrist and eye strain, increasing worker comfort and productivity.

Havis also offers Screen Blanking Solutions to provide easy, safe and legally-compliant ways to manage mobile computer displays and prevent driver distraction while operating warehouse equipment.

Havis works closely with OEM partners to offer industry-leading device specific docking solutions for a variety of computer manufacturers, including Apple, Dell, Getac, Microsoft and Panasonic for successful warehouse automation. Havis Docking stations integrate intelligent port replication, allowing users to connect to optional products like printers, keyboards, antennas, bar code scanners, and more.