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AMETEK Prestolite Power launches Atlas charger as a durable solotion to harsh warehouse environments

AMETEK Prestolite Power introduces the Atlas charger, a sturdy, cost-effective option tailored for lift truck batteries operating for the Latin American market, where power supply can often be unreliable. The Atlas charger is tough enough to withstand harsh warehouse environments and challenging manufacturing conditions.

The Atlas charger is designed to meet the significant demand for 208 and 240 AC voltage chargers. It uses advanced IGBT high-frequency power conversion circuitry to provide efficient, dependable service. The charger has been simplified to produce more power from the same form factor and features a single DC voltage and DC amp-hour output. It also does not require additional programming, as the unit’s configuration allows the display to be available while lift truck operators work.

“The Atlas is unique in that it features the resonance and economy of a ferroresonant charger as well as the efficiency of a high-frequency charger, making it a true hybrid,” comments Jim Lichtenberg, Business Manager for Prestolite Power. “As Prestolite Power celebrates this year 100 years of manufacturing battery chargers, we continue to strive to provide the most adaptive solutions to our customers worldwide.”