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KION North America releases three new Baoli brand products
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KION North America Corporation has announced the release of three new Baoli brand products, the EP15 "Citymover" and EP20 pallet lift trucks, and the KBET18 three-wheel electric counterbalanced forklift.   Last October, KION North America introduced the Baoli brand and its first model, the D+ Series Model KBG25, at the company's annual dealer meeting in Charleston, S.C. An entirely new brand to the North American marketplace, KION Baoli Forklift Co., Ltd is the international highly competitive material handling manufacturer for the economy segment. Designed to meet the needs of the economy segment of the U.S. market, these budget forklifts are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Jiangsu province, the largest economic region in China.   "All of the Baoli products we've designed for North America are put through extensive quality assurance testing for all functions," said Kevin Trenga, Baoli product manager at KION North America. "This allows us to ensure the highest level of reliability is met according to U.S. standards prior to each new truck being delivered."   The Baoli EP15 is a 3,000 pound capacity pallet lift truck powered by a 24-volt battery. The DC drive motor allows for continuous and smooth operation under a single charge. With the ability to easily navigate in confined spaces, the EP15 is perfect for daily light-duty jobs. It offers variable speed control and an impact-activated, auto-reversing switch.   The Baoli EP20 model, equipped with an AC drive motor, offers a more substantial load capacity of up to 4,000 pounds. It delivers the power and performance needed for a warehouse truck. With variable speed control allowing for precise maneuverability in narrow aisles or confined spaces, the EP20 can easily complete the most demanding tasks.   A 48-volt counterbalanced forklift, the Baoli KBET18 is the brand's first electric forklift to be introduced in North America. The AC dual-drive motors with SME controllers provide excellent power and increased productivity. The KBET18's energy-efficient design allows for continuous operation during day-to-day jobs. Like the other Baoli products, it's compact design allows for ease of maneuverability in narrow aisles.   "By combining the competitive advantages of KION's operational excellence and German engineering with Baoli's integrated manufacturing platform, we are able to offer reliable and practical products," said Trenga.