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New inventory management system using digital scales

A new inventory management system using digital scales for counting and stock control is available from Tovatech LLC, a supplier of scientific and industrial precision weighing equipment.

Tovatech director Robert Sandor PhD says the FKC accurate inventory management system pairs a Kern reference balance and a Kern bulk scale to speed the flow and accuracy of product quantities from the receiving dock through inventory control and outbound shipments. The high resolution Kern FKC stocktaking counting system quickly calculates stock quantities, which can be transferred to a PC for record keeping.  A barcode scanner can be integrated with the stock keeping system to reduce errors in stock identification.

How the inventory management system works

As explained by Dr. Sandor, reference quantities are established with the Kern KB-N reference balance. Individual piece weight is established by weighing a quantity of product – the larger number the better for lightweight items but generally 10 pieces will yield an acceptable calculation. The scale then calculates the weight per piece.

Stock number and piece weight data are transferred via an interconnecting cable from the reference balance to a Kern FKA bulk scale with maximum weighing range of 143 pounds and readout of 0.01 ounce.  

The FKA stocktaking scale accepts existing inventory data in an Excel list transmitted from a PC. When new shipments are received at the receiving bay stocktaking items while still in their containers can be weighed, counted and stored in the scale memory. Container weight (tare weight) is included in the bar code and is automatically subtracted, yielding the net weight and thereby the number of pieces in the container.  

Quantities are transferred to the PC, which generates an updated Excel sheet. This feature minimizes input effort in the receiving area and greatly improves efficiency.

Day-to-day stock levels are quickly determined by connecting the barcode reader to the bulk scale.  Here’s how:

  • Read the container label in the stockroom
  • Place the container on the scale, which discounts the container weight
  • The scale calculates the remaining stock level and stores it to memory
  • Updated inventory is available as a printout on an Excel sheet

The FKC stock control system scale has the capability to store 1000 items in memory including stock number, pre-tare container weight, reference quantity, and reference weight.  This unit is powered by standard 120-volt AC, 6 x 1.5 volt batteries or an optional rechargeable battery.